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mi a jobb?A hírhedt blogger, Sean Bonner pár napja közzétette tavalyi újévi fogadalmának eredményét. Bonner azt határozta el, hogy egy évig nem használ szappant és sampont. Az internetes fenegyerek röviden élete legjobb dobásának tartja a tisztálkodó szerek kihajítását.

A szappantalan úton egy tudományos cikk olvasása indította el, melynek az volt a fő tézise, hogy testünk önmagát szabályozza, teszi tisztába. Az újságíró először csak egy hónapos próbára gondolt, majd immár személyes tapasztalataival felvértezve tovább folytatta a kúrát. Testszagát állandó szakértőkkel (barátai és családtagjai), illetve alkalmi ismerősökkel (vele utazók, járókelők) teszteltette folyamatosan, ám egyikük sem panaszkodott elviselhetetlen bűzről. Tapasztalatai között arról számol be, hogy bőre nem száraz, fejbőre nem korpás többé, az utazóbőröndjében pedig egyszerre rengeteg hely üresedett meg a tisztálkodó szerek mellőzése okán.

Bizonyítékként azt ajánlja fel, hogy bárki megszagolhatja, akivel találkozik az utcán. Igen bizarr. S igaz, vagy sem, a blogbejegyzés hatására már több verseny is indult a világhálón. A szappantalan életet pár hétig vállalók értékes nyereményekért mérkőzhetnek. Azért a díjátadó előtt remélhetőleg vesznek egy alapos fürdőt. Bár az is igaz, hogy mindnyájan sírtunk és kapálóztunk, mikor először samponnal mosták meg a hajunkat…



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North Korean and South

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North Korean and South KoreanCoach Factory Outletofficials held their first government-level talks in years on Sunday, South Korean mediaCoach Factory Outletreported.The talks were held in the village of Panmunjom, according to South Korea'sCoach Outlet OnlineYonhap news agency. They come days ahead of an inter-Korean ministerial meetingCoach Online Outletplanned for Wednesday at the request of the South's unification minister, Ryoo Kihl-jae.The talks are another sign of improvement in the severelyCoach Outlet Store Onlinestrained relations between the two Koreas. Pyongyang on Friday reconnected a hotline between the two sides that it had severed amid recentCoach Outlet Storetensions.North Korea set off months of tensions with a long-range rocket launch in December followed by an underground nuclear test in February.The NorthCoach Outlet Storebroke the impasse between the two sides over the Kaesong Industrial Zone -- a shared industrial complex and major symbol of cooperation between theCoach Factory Storestwo countries where Pyongyang halted activity in April -- by issuing a proposal on Thursday for talks.It said that "the venue of the talks and the date forCoach Handbags Outlettheir opening can be set to the convenience of the south side."South Korea reacted quickly and positively to the offer, noting that it had been "continuously" seeking talks on Kaesong since the North shut it down.The North expressedCoach Factory Storeappreciation for the South's response Friday, and said "working contact" between the two governmentsCoach Factory Onlineis necessary before ministerial talks. It proposed that the lower-level meeting take place in Kaesong on Sunday.Coach OutletIt also reopened the Red Cross hotline in the border area of Panmunjom, an important line ofCoach Factory Outletcommunication between the two sides that it had cut off as tensions flared earlier this year.The South Korean Unification Ministry said later Friday thatCoach Outlet Store Onlineit had sent a fax through the hotline agreeing to the working-level talks but asking that they take place in Panmunjom rather than Kaesong.The working-level talks will be held at Panmunjom on Sunday, South Korea's national news agency,Coach Outlet OnlineYonhap reported.The shuttered Kaesong complex is one of the main casualties of the recent threats and provocative moves by North Korea.In April, Kim Jong Un's regime began blockingCoach OutletSouth Koreans from entering the manufacturing complex, which sits on the North's side of the heavilyCoach Purses Outletfortified border and houses the operations of more than 120 South Korean companies.Pyongyang then pulled out the more than 50,000 North Koreans who work in theCoach Outlet Online Storezone's factories, saying it was temporarily suspending activity there. The last South Koreans in the zone left last month. The NorthCoach Outlet StoreKorean decision to halt operations surprised some observers, since Kaesong was considered an importantCoach Outletsource of hard currency for Kim Jong Un's regime.Outcry over young North Korean refugees handed back to regime by Laos

French famous fashion shoes

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French famous fashion shoes brand Christian Louboutin has successively release 2013 spring new recreational shoe, Christian Louboutin Discount following the earlier of the Roller - Boat Flat White, Desinger Women Heels which brings brand-new Rantus Orlato Flat Black/Pony style. Design from hottest Rantus Orlato Flat as the outline, using canvas with leather makes the shoe body, Jimmy Choo Outlet complementary with horse hair edge lit with a leopard print pattern as a whole. And carry the black rubber soled will continue to bring knowledge of fashion language men to feel comfortable. Discount Jimmy Choo Sale At present, the shoe has been purchased by Christian Louboutin official store, priced at $995 Buy Jimmy Choo Shoes

Makes women to see the

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Makes women to see the beautiful red soles is crazy for Christian Louboutin Outlet shoe designers on the design of the shoes after an unprecedented achievements, he started to the process of self discovery, Christian Louboutin pumps turning to the men's shoes a totally different concept, and one of the classic shoe money Rantus Orlato Flat more can be said to be the representative of men's fashion shoes, Christian Louboutin Store the unique concise collocation on the different style of shoe body design technique can be instantly converted into a sense of design, Louis Vuitton Handbags and after the frame butyl and leopard grain, Christian Louboutin to print with the bright red decorative pattern design in recent years into Rantus Orlato Flat shoe shoe money make a brand new 2013 in early spring, Louis Vuitton on Sale and suggested that sells for $795, now the size of the cut is very fast, Buy Louis Vuitton Online you can want to quickly grasp the opportunity!

Malaysia famous shoe

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Malaysia famous shoe designer, empire medal winner, Jimmy Choo Heels used to be the British princess Diana royal cobbler. Diana bought new clothes every time, she will discuss with Jimmy choo new shoe design, Designer Shoes Sale tie-in dress. In London in 1996, Buy Jimmy Choo has opened the first of the Jimmy Choo shoe store, so people who agree with Diana grade, who were over time, Jimmy Choo has become a symbol of taste. Now, Jimmy Choo founded by Jimmy Choo brand center in downtown London have a sample room and production workshop. Very stylish. And about the brand trademark "red bottom", although the court's decision late last year YSL still can produce red of red bottom shoes, Cheap Christian Louboutin but red color on the outside of the Christian Louboutin Shoes Sale , "red bottom" still is Christian Louboutin. This pair of Louis piks Pak Flat shoes in Christian Louboutin official website can now buy, Christian Louboutin Outlet price 995 euros.

In 2012, Mother’s Day arrives

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In 2012, Mother’s Day arrives on Sunday, May cheap chanel bags handbags 13th. Celebrations of mothers and motherhood occur throughout the world; many of these can be traced back to ancient festivals.It is easy to lose your accessories when tossed into a large bag. So always look for bags that have compartments or inside pockets. You can also keep a mini Cheap Chanel Bags purse inside your large handbag. Her mother Kristen Kardashian was born in San Diego, California on November 5, 1955, the daughter of Mary Jo Campbell. Take the classic loafer, for example. Typical to its classic slip-on styling are features such as a strip of leather across the saddle or top of the foot, with either a tassel or a diamond cut-out. Other traditional elements would be that it’s made from undyed, natural or deep oxblood cordovan leather, and finished with a small wooden heel. Chanel Handbags 2012 Many people like online shopping as it helps them to save travelling costs. When shopping beauty products online you don’t need to search for and then pay for parking, also you don’t need to fight your way though pushy crowds to get the beauty products that you want. Another benefit of shopping beauty products online is that you Coco Chanel Purses on Sale can take as much time as you want to shop as online stores are open 24 hours a day. The bags were being sold for 10 to 20 percent of their retail value, Nestor said, adding that all of the bags are to be destroyed. Police said they believe Le had connections cheap chanel bags Kelly bags in New York and China and the investigation is ongoing. Nestor called the alleged counterfeiting enterprise a “major operation.”. The ability to copy digitally has permitted increasingly sophisticated forms of counterfeiting. Cheap Chanel Sunglasses Existing protections need to be updated. All over the world, websites provide counterfeit goods for sale, ranging from computer software to movies to handbags to pharmaceuticals, often masquerading as the real thing. Think about it: Haven’t you walked past a woman wearing an amazing produit cheap chanel bagshandbag, and you admire it because she wears it so well? Chances are you would not have stopped in your tracks to take notice of the bag if she didn’t showcase it properly. It may be subtle, but her appropriate Chanel Bags on Sale choices of clothing and accessories are what make the bag standout. If you have a brightly patterned bag, or one with neutral tones but a busy design, you are going to want to wear solids for your pants, shirt or dress.. I have cheap cheap chanel bags bags rather pricey taste in things.Most of our city and Coco Chanel urban infrastructure is financed by tax money, and if that is not coming in, people will suffer. Even overseas investors are wary of doing business in a country that does not take a hard stance on counterfeiting. Because of the inability to compete with the counterfeiters, many businesses become bankrupt and a lot of people could lose their jobs. Ok Chanel Mens Watches , I chanel bags 2012 you can call me a shopaholic, although I HATE that word. I love to shop for stuff, but I don’t think I do it too much, it’s just that I spend too much shopping. What can I say, While it’s true that emerging Asian economies have seen many cross the poverty line, a cursory glance still finds millions living a pitiable life. And as if living an undignified life was not punishment enough, poverty itself has been made an excuse by the ‘haves’ in Asia to disregard the ‘have-nots’. To be poor in an Chanel Womens Watches emerging Asia is now an unspeakable misdemeanour, worse than it ever was. Another difference, Ricky metal parts are large and round, which attracts many chanel bags online. Amy Rosen (Emmy Rossum) Blue sleek and sexy, with a slight taste of a woman. A produit handbags red crocodile alligator exhibit color Chanel Watches contrast very noble temperament, luxury back. Next, “Fitness” magazine explains, extend your arms overhead next to your ears and simultaneously lift your legs 45 degrees. Tighten the arms, squeeze the legs and pull your belly into your spine cheap chanel bags handbags outlet as you hold for one count. Finish by bending your knees and circling your Chanel Tote Bags arms out to your sides to return hands to shins. “We are not businessmen, we are poets,” boasted Aldo, but the family-run company had become a retailing goldmine seething with intrigue. Rudolfo and Aldo fought for control through shifting boardroom alliances and betrayals. Scratches and screaming punctuated meetings, but that was nothing compared to the next generation. 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Jack Griffs wears a wool-lined su ded-poplin field jacket ($49.50), cheap chanel bags bags briarproof canvas-front poplin trousers ($24.50, both Willis Geiger: Chanel Store Saks Fifth Avenue, New York) and Russell boots ($27.50, Abercrombie Filch.). I must have about 50 pairs of shoes or boots lying around, and produit cheap chanel bagsthis is after I just dropped off a bunch at Goodwill!Later, Kevin discount rolex Spacey wears a Panerai Luminor Marina Carbon Automatic produit watch Tag Heuer Autavia.

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